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Each week Nesvog Meats and Sausage Co. offers a new special. Visit the store at terminal avenue for more details.

The Products

Nesvog Meats is an award winning meat shop for two reasons: our culture of customer service, and our excellent products. We pride ourselves on the perfect meal, and that means every cut of meat has been carefully sliced so the end result is both delicious and beautiful. We source our products from Canada as much as we can, we have a large selection of certified organic foods, and we import specialty items from all over the world.  

Terminal Park Location 

Address: Suite 2-1533 Estevan Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 3Y3

Phone Number: 1 + (250) 753-4248

Bowen Road Location


Phone Number: 1+(250) 758-3611

The Nesvog Team

Since the beginning of the Nesvog Meats and Sausage Co., there has always been a reliance on team. Since the shop opened in 2005 the staff has increased to over 30, and many have been involved in the company since then. The shop has a very low turn over rate of losing and hiring employees, because we believe that although the customer is incredibly valuable to our success, equally as important are the employees. We believe that if someone comes in to work every day, works hard, and gives us the best they can, than they have a place with us in the Nesvog family.