The Family

Arnold and Ingrid opened Nesvog Meats and Sausage Co. in 2005, and Since then, they have built the company to 2 locations, winning multiple local awards for the quality. The couple strongly believes in the value of working hard, but also know its important to share laughter, be adventurous, and have fun.

From Left to Right: Cameron, Arnold, Ingrid, Connor, and Josh

From Left to Right: Cameron, Arnold, Ingrid, Connor, and Josh

Arnold and Ingrid started Nesvog Meats and Sausage Co. in 2005 and they built the company from the ground up. Together with their 3 boys, Arnold and Ingrid are always working to expand their company and have recently opened a second location. The two have been married for over 25 years and truly live out the family-business style of relationship based customer service. When the new location opened in 2015, Arnold transitioned over to manage it and has guided his team through a transitionary expansion period.


Josh Nesvog is the oldest of the 3 boys and manages the flagship store in Nanaimo, B.C., while also taking on responsibilities of being one of the meat cutters. 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree' because Josh has inherited the same hard work, determination, and customer service as his parents have and he has helped lead the Nesvog Team as the company grows and expands, continuing to provide premium quality product. 


The  middle of the Nesvog children, Cameron Nesvog, works alongside Josh at the flagship store to help lead the team. Cameron is also one of the Managers and Meat Cutters at the store and has emulated his parents work ethic and will always be available to help the team thrive when needed. If you've met Cameron, you know he is a hard working man with a heart of gold, always willing to go the extra mile.


The youngest of the three boys, Connor Nesvog, also working and contributing at the store it truly makes the shop a family shop. Connor works as a sales associate and helps in any way he can, cleaning, cutting, food prep, front till, etc. Where ever Connor can help, he will.