"Amazing garlic coil!  They've ruined me for store-bought now, is the only problem. sadly when I go in after work they're usually out, as I'd love something pre-cooked like that for dinner!  Customer service is great" - Que N.

"I recently purchased a order of hamburger and weiners for a family reunion,It was awesome the best that I ever tasted !! Good job ,your highly recommended ! Thanks again" - Daniel R.

"This is a Top Shelf meat market. They have stellar service and the quality is the best I have ever seen. There are not enough positive things to say about the wonderful people who run this incredible company. Homemade sausages, pies and on it goes. They have homemade soups etc packaged in their frozen food section as well as the largest selection in cuts of many different types of meat .Just great !! Worth a visit and then your hooked forever." - Kathy F.

"I am in love with their smoked goose liver sausage, but everything I have tried at Nesvog's has been excellent." - Cheryl M.

"I have to echo the previous review; this store is a gem.  My husband and I eat a paleo diet and are always on the look out for grass and/or pastured meat and eggs. Nesvog is the place.  The sausage selection is superb and many varieites are filler and gluten free.  The bacon is to die for.  We love their grass fed prime rib roasts and rib eye steaks. And their deli meats are amazing...some made right in the store.  Check out the cheese smokies, kelbassa and jerky.  You won't be dissappointed.  And while you're there, make sure to pick up some free range, organic eggs.  Delicious!  We love love love the meat and the super friendly service.  Enjoy!" - Beedee F.

"I love Nesvogs. Please post your freezer packs online. Once they made a mistake on my bill, and they not only gave me the items they forgot to give me, but a refund as well. Best customer service on the island." - Martianne F.

"Nesvog is terrific.  It's a great meat market, but what sets it apart is its sausages and smoked meats.  There must be 20 different kinds of sausage plus smoked ham hocks and in-store smoked kaessler, and lots more.  And its pricing is very reasonable.  Go there." Peter D.


"Since I tried Nesvog I have not gone back to the grocery store for meat.  My husband loves the European weiners.  We are so impressed with the quality and freshness of the meat, and were suprised that the prices were great, too.  We now buy the freezer pack every second month, and will continue to do so.  I recommend Nesvog to all my friends." - Maria M.

"My dad is obsessed with nesvogs.  He's always going here for different meats. everyone in my family goes here for their thanksgiving/xmas turkeys here."- Karly A.

"Love Nesvogs hot case options when you need something quick. Their homemade sausages ex. Apple chicken or turkey cranberry are amazing!!!!  We love their pork hamburger patties and homemade pepperoni!  Love it all. Weekly stop for sure." - Lee R.


"Absolutely fantastic shop. Great service and always delicious products" - Erica Whipps-Dmytruk

"The Kebap has been buying daily fresh beef, lamb and chicken for Doner Kebap almost for a year. Your consistency in quality is outstanding!!! Thank you NESVOG FAMILY." - Mustafa BC

A very nice store, with tremendous variety, and selections hard to find anywhere else! - Dale Danell 

Simply the best there is on Vancouver Island or anywhere! Fresh, excellent service and friendly experienced staff. - John Kloppenburg